New E-Commerce Website For Motorbronx

Motorbronx UK are pleased to announce the launch of their new e-commerce website, which went live on 22nd May 2015.

Online Store

The brand new Motorbronx UK website was designed to showcase their new trailers. It now offers customers the capability of not only buying the trailers but also spares and accessories online.

Coming soon – The ability to configure your own bespoke build of trailer.

Motorbronx Range and Services

The site features the recently launched Motorbronx trailers. The newest ground loading trailers with patented kneeling axle technology, Motorbronx 750 and Motorbronx 500, as well as Motorbronx accessories and spares.

Finding information about the latest innovations from Motorbronx UK is now even easier with ’Discover Motorbronx’ and links to all their social media channels.

It is now possible to find out how Motorbronx UK can help with the personalisation of trailers, supplying number plates and how to book an appointment to try a trailer, all on the new e-commerce website.

Contact Motorbronx

Motorbronx UK have made it even easier to contact them and stay up to date with their company news, using links to all their social media pages and a new blog section.

Visit their contact page to get in touch. A member of the Motorbronx UK team will be happy to answer any questions you have, by phone, email or fill in the online form.

Browse products, buy online, subscribe to their blog and keep up to date with Motorbronx UK, all within their new site.

The Motorbronx UK Team at the Federation of Harley-Davidson Club Europe, Super Rally.

Motorbonx UK will be attending the Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe, Super Rally on 21st to 25th May 2015.

The Super Rally, established in 1991, is a four day event held in a different location every year and organised by a different member of the FH-DCE each time. The rally attracts an average of 10,000 visitors, providing people with the opportunity to bring the biking community together from across Europe.

This year, the event returns to England for the first time in 26 years, hosted by the West London Harley Riders, a group that was founded in 1981 by friends who would meet at a motorcycle workshop.

Over the four days there will be an abundance of entertainment from bands to jousting, lots of food and the chance to win a brand new Harley-Davidson.

Motorbronx UK are extremely pleased to be attending the four day event in the Lincolnshire Showground, with the Motorbronx patented trailers in tow.

If you’re also attending the event this year, come and say hello.

The Launch of Motorbronx

However, with the average dint to a motorcycle petrol tank costing £1000, and few being able to justify the excessive expense of a hydraulic system – whose costs far exceed the initial capital required for the product, incurring fitting charges as well additional expenditure for regular servicing and maintenance – this is one gulf that needs to be filled.

And now it is. September 2014 sees the launch of Motorbronx, the new, globally patented motor-bike loading system, available exclusively at Peak Dynamics.

The entirely mechanical Motorbronx system operates using rubber suspension axles fitted with specialist mounting brackets, capable of lifting the motorcycle with a simple movement lever arm mounted to the axle and the pivot point of the chassis. Lifting and lowering occurs when the axle rotates around the pivot point and is controlled by a belt that is fixed to the lift arm and wound on to a bobbin fixed to a transmission shaft. The rotation of the bobbin is controlled by an appropriately sized reduction gearbox – operated either manually, with a hand brace, with a cordless drill, or with a dedicated electric motor.

Designed by those who understand the difficulties of loading and unloading often heavy, high-value machines, and who also appreciate the aesthetic requirements of those who ride and maintain these beautiful vehicles, Motorbronx is designed specifically to safely and smoothly load motorcycles – equalling the efficacy of hydraulics but at a significantly reduced cost.

So it’s goodbye wooden planks, hello Motorbronx.